Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where We Stand

Well, we've got a tax cheat in charge of our money....

and (I'm sorry, Michelle) a chubby in charge of our nutrition...

Why shouldn't we have the Most Historic One picking
NCAA winners as the Middle East burns and a possible
nuclear catastrophe looms?

And me, I'm going to type this fast because I fear a self-invited lightning bolt, me, I'm grateful that Hillary Clinton is handling the ME crisis. Sure, she wouldn't be my pick, but at least she seems focused; and she's about the best we can expect from this administration.

So will the MSM recall that President Bush gave up golf when we sent troops into the Middle East? That he thought it would be unseemly to enjoy public recreation while American troops were in harm's way? Will any of them notice that this president seems to regard the business of state as a distraction from the enjoyment of his pampered lifestyle?