Tuesday, March 01, 2011

No Fly

FT reports:

The Pentagon is deploying naval and air forces around Libya as the US and UK governments consider tougher measures to force Muammer Gaddafi from power, including the possible establishment of a no-fly zone.

“We must not tolerate this regime using military force against its own people,” David Cameron, UK prime minister, said. “In that context I have asked the Ministry of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff to work with our allies on plans for a military no-fly zone.”

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, at a UN meeting in Geneva, said: “Nothing is off the table so long as the Libyan government continues to threaten and kill Libyans.” She added she had discussed a no-fly zone with other foreign ministers.

Now the question is, what if France or Russia says no? What if we don't have complete agreement on instituting a no-fly zone? Do we need UN approval to do the right thing?

I felt more confident when we had a president who didn't need approval to do what was necessary and right.