Sunday, May 13, 2012

Because We've Had it Up to Here With the Halos

See Newsweek's latest cover? It's like they said to Time, "we'll see your breast feeding mom and raise you a gay halo."

Really? Another halo? Well, not here. He's got a record now; no halo awarded.

I've said before, the gay marriage issue isn't a big thing for me. Possibly because I think marriage's sanctity comes from God and the Church, not government. There are issues that should be addressed, such as gay partners having the right to be treated as relatives when it comes to death bed visitation, inheritance, taking out a loan etc. My marriage isn't threatened by government somehow finding a way to treat everyone fairly.

So I suppose I'm a little off the reservation on some conservative social issues. Maybe I should step up my war on women in order to compensate for it.