Thursday, May 17, 2012

Study: 96% of restaurant entrees exceed USDA limits

I would have rewritten the headline: Overzealous USDA limits exclude 96% of what we eat.

If you plan to chow down tonight at a big chain restaurant, there's a better than nine-in-10 chance that your entree will fail to meet federal nutrition recommendations for both adults and kids, according to a provocative new study.

Watch out, the busy-bodies use studies like this to justify the next round of meddling in our pantries and on our tables.

I made a mistake on my trip to pick up Lumberkid. I got a fast food cheeseburger and large fries for my lonely-guy meal back at the motel. And my excuse is that I just about never get fast food, but I forgot my Number One Rule for fast food: always ask for packets of salt. I can forgive a lot, but I can't abide saltless french fries. The cheeseburger was alright but the french fries were like taking medicine.

It's food Nazis from ten years ago that caused my salt deficient fries. They scared my burger joint into serving the sorry spuds. And insult added to injury - we pay these government busy bodies. If they want to eat organic raw broccoli all day, fine! If they want big platters piled high with green leafy vegetables, great! If they like carrots, good, let them have ALL the carrots. Just so long as they keep their sweaty little government fingers off of my food.

You can have my salt shaker when you pry it from my cold dead condiment caddy.