Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Should Have Done It Long Ago

The Weekly Standard reports on the trend I started:

In the 39 months that President Obama has held office, party affiliation has swung 10 points against his party.

According to Rasmussen’s polling, at the end of the month in which Obama took the oath of office (January 2009), Democrats enjoyed an 8-point advantage in party affiliation — as 41 percent of Americans then said they were Democrats, while only 33 percent said they were Republicans. Eleven months later, a few days after the Democratic Senate’s passage of Obamacare on Christmas Eve, the Democrats’ lead had dropped from 8 points to just 1.5 (35.5 percent Democratic, 34 percent Republican). By the end of the month in which the midterm elections took place — 7 months after Obama had signed Obamacare into law — the Democrats had lost their advantage altogether and actually trailed the Republicans by a point (36 percent Republican, 35 percent Democratic). Seventeen months later, not much has changed — Republicans now enjoy a 2-point lead, with 35 percent of Americans identifying themselves as Republicans and 33 percent identifying themselves as Democrats.

I may have mentioned that I finally got around to switching from D to R. I don't blame President Obama for the switch, it was a long time coming. And as most of you know, I gave Obama a chance; often doing flattering photoshops of him and praising him in my own way. I swear, sometimes I felt like they should be paying me for all the good, or possibly neutral PR I did for the man. Like this one:

Right? I was comparing him to a firefighter. Sure, one who didn't know how to fight fires, and yes, one who only made things worse with his efforts; but someone who was trying to make things better.

Or how about this one:

In that one I was trying to make the point that Obama didn't know he was strangling Uncle Sam and ruining everything. See how the President is caught up in the party moment? He doesn't know he's dashing the hopes and dreams of America. He just wanted a piggy-back ride to the golf course.

So in summation I think we can agree that I've been exceedingly fair with the President and that he had no part in my decision to change from Democrat to Republican.

And lest anyone accuse me of not giving credit where it's due: