Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cautionary Tail

Seen the Life of Julia Yet? It's the President makin it simple for those of you still too stupid to understand that he just wants to take care of you, from cradle to grave. It's free stuff people!

So I thought I'd help the President out. It gets a little complicated when you consider that we're borrowing money in order to get the free stuff, so, like the President, I won't bother you with numbers. ("math is hard!") Just understand: we'll borrow from the Chinese and pay them back with money we take from the rich people.

I might do more panels, we'll see. Frankly though, if you don't understand free stuff by now, I can't explain it to you. Just try going out there and working for the stuff you need. See how far that gets you. Will it get you free stuff? I don't think so.

(might have to clickabiggen)