Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Yes, that one on the left does say, "Please Kill Me." And apparently these are actual clothes. What I wonder is, does anyone ever really buy stuff like this.

Of course, I have little use for anything that isn't flannel, preferably with pine needles and sawdust adhering in places.


Surellin said...

Went to my son's high school football game last Friday. It was Breast Cancer Awareness Day, or something. Everybody was wearing pink. Even the marching band sported pink plumes. In short, the majority of the student body at that game could have been on the runway with these bozos. And I resent my 40-year adherence to Chuck Taylors being mocked by the Zoolander triplets in this pic. Rant off.

Anonymous said...

Finally, metrosexual burkhas: IN
hoodies: OUT