Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I Forgot How to Borscht

I sometimes check out the google translations of Russian recipes:

Heroically perechistim our bow, and then set on fire a pot with water and bring it to a boil and then we omit the onions in boiling water and let the whole pokipit depending on the bulb size 1-2.5 minutes. 
What fun. You can generally figure out what they are saying if you know what the desired result is. (this is part of a recipe for pickling onions)

I'm not crazy about all Russian food but some of it is quite interesting. I keep an eye out for recipes that use substitutions due to shortages from the Soviet Union era. I expect to draw on this knowledge once Obama is done transforming America. (see how I shoehorned that in there?)

 Yes, I know that the Obamas will be ready with food solutions once the White European Oligarchy has been obliterated, but "contact your local community activist" is not a recipe.


markm said...

Not the recipe, but if the leftists get what they are really aiming for - not that I want to encourage this - but cannibalism was sometimes the end point of leftism in the Soviet Union and Red China, and it's happening today in North Korea. Mix that with the ingrained American disrespect for authority, and the self-appointed "community activists" might be third on the list, after they ran out of elected politicians and hired bureaucrats.