Friday, October 11, 2013

Not So Sure About Obamacare

As you all know, I give our president every opportunity to succeed before I reluctantly suggest that possibly one of his policies falls short of his usual awesome success that nobody can figure out why we didn't think of that years ago.

Sorry, that first sentence kind of got away from me. But the point is, maybe Obamacare isn't just the most wonderful thing we've ever seen.

They say Obamacare's thunderous popularity has choked their servers.  So I thought I'd see what is possible. I googled (every day Google answers more than one billion questions) the number of transactions Amazon can process in a day. I found that At the peak in 2012 they were making 306 sales per second. (or 27 million per day) At that rate they could zip through the entire population of the US in less than 12 days.

Obamacare hasn't quite reached that level of efficiency. I know one Obama campaign worker was able to buy insurance. Well, sorta, he later said that he was registered but hadn't quite bought anything yet. (but he doesn't believe that he lied under certain ways of interpreting English) By now though I suppose there are at least a few Americans signed up and ready to get sick. Bring on the disease!

It would be interesting to calculate how long it would take for Obamacare to sign up the entire population, but the administration won't divulge the rate at which applications are being processed. Divide the population by the rate per year and you'll know how long it's going to take to get everyone covered. I suggest insuring young people first because chances are, many of us will die of old age before they get to us. (problem solved!)

Oh, another topic: The truckers plan to snarl traffic in the DC area seems to have fizzled. But I wonder who I would have blamed had I spent 3 hours stuck in traffic today. The truckers would say I should read their list of grievances, and blame the government for making the truckers inconvenience me. But I'm pretty sure I'd blame the jackass trucker who was keeping me from driving over 5 miles per hour.

The same applies to Park Policemen who are going out of their way to frustrate their fellow citizens. Do they think the victims can't see who is doing this to them?


Anonymous said...

Looky here, I'm from the government & I'm here to help. First, all the admin did was inject itself as a middle man where one was not needed & create a bunch of rules for the other players, in particular creating monetizing schemes to help us all be grateful for our new middle man overlord.

Second, the failures are only due to the fact that socialism can't innovate anything but rules & punishments. Therefore, all the problems were unexpected & over quota. Fortunately, there will be new socialists coming along soon that will finally have the correct answers, just as soon as some capitalist pig develops some new technology for the commies to exploit.

Finally, today's truckers are not like truckers of old that could spontaneously organize via the Citizen Band. Today they try to use the intertubes, which is best used for flash mobbery. They need some sort of community organizer to be able to pull off such a feat & I don't believe anyone today has the moral fortitude to be the new Bandit.. Plus, I bet there are diesel fuel inspectors deployed all through DC this weekend.

MAX Redline said...

Thus far, the Obamacare website has registered 51,000. That's it.

Veeshir said...

I'd question those numbers Max.
They lie at every opportunity.

As for the truckers, I saw them claiming it was going to be an EGYPT MOMENT!!!!!!!

I had to laugh, since fewer than 1/3 of 1 percent of the population had heard about them (maybe 1 million people) and the DC area is not full of people who are sympathetic to their cause, I didn't even see a Coke commercial sized moment.

Third News said...

Veeshir, 'registered' is not indicative of an application completed, nor that it will ever be.