Wednesday, May 28, 2014

News of the Weird

Kidney Disease Patients Not Part of "Diversity": Among the entities rushing to condemn Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in April was the UCLA Medical School, where researchers returned a $425,000 check from the Sterling Foundation to study "structural properties of key proteins in the kidney" to aid development of drugs to treat kidney disease -- and rejected the rest of Sterling's $3 million pledge. A UCLA spokesman said the school must emphasize its "core values" of "diversity, inclusion and respect." [KCBS-TV (Los Angeles), 4-29-2014]
Amazing. We'll only accept money from people who meet our criteria. As if accepting money somehow indicates approval of bad behavior.

from: NotW


Rumbear said...

This is why I do not give money to bums on street corners....I do not want to pressure them into having to judge me.

lumberjack said...

I may start holding the door open for liberals for just that reason.

They would have to judge my character before deciding whether to accept the favor or decline it. I imagine you could make some turn around and go home rather than accept help from a possibly unworthy helper.