Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Probably Nothing

This is a departure from the main mission of this blog, which most of you know is to raise awareness of lumberjack fashion and to emphasize how fetching most women look in plaid... But anyway, listen to the president in this clip. Notice that he's making a click before several of his sentences? Like he's got negative pressure in his mouth before he opens it. And it creates a click. This seems like something I've heard before, back in the 80's it was. Recognize it? Care to hazard a guess?


kc said...

Max Headroom?!?!?!?!

OMMAG said...

Indeed! And I need some advice on getting my wife to wear plaid.

lumberjack said...

Max Headroom? Maybe, but only if he was on cocaine also.

Like I said, probably nothing but I had a friend way back when who always did the teeth sucking thing after using coke. Odd how his speech reminded me of her.

And OMMAG, just make sure she notices you ogling other women in plaid. Maybe leave one of those lumberjack fashion mags laying about.