Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Obama Disappointed in the World

And the world feels much the same about him.

His disappointment stems from the fact that he has a sophomoric idea of what the world should be.  If we talk to the bad guys, they'll eventually see that we're not so bad.  If we spread the wealth around, everyone will be more happy in the end.  If everybody (other than me) quits using carbon there will be frolicking puppies with  butterflies coming out their butts.

The world's disappointment in him stems from the same thing. He pulls upon that which needs pushing, and pushes against things that clearly require a pull. 

He doesn't get the fact that the world is often counter-intuitive. Bullies take advantage of nice guys who just want to talk, they check their behavior when nice guys bully back.  When you pay people to sit at home you'll find people prefer that option over working, and aren't grateful.  When you tax the pants off the wealthy, you'll find them creating less for you to tax.

Nothing seems to work the way the sophomores demand it should.  And seeing this, the sophomores blame the world, not their inability to interact with it.


OMMAG said...

Har! Perhaps that should be the new official sobriquet of Obama.

Perhaps #thesophomore is what we should be connecting to this embarrassment.