Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Doesn't Warren Buffett Retire?

Buffett's "tenderfoot treats"

I've often wondered why Warren Buffett didn't retire thirty years ago. I mean, even back then he had more money than he could ever spend.

Well, now we find out he's given $ 1,200,000,000.00 to abortion groups since 2001. That's mind boggling:

That’s equal to the cost of roughly 2.7 million first-trimester abortions – more than twice the number of abortions that occur in an entire year in the United States. Unlike Gosnell, however, everything Buffett has done has been entirely legal. But Buffett does share something else in common with the abortionist. Both their stories have been largely unreported....
... we get grandfatherly Buffett, tax-hiking Buffett, investor Buffett. As a reliable liberal businessman, journalists turn to him as a source for almost any commentary.

It’s easy to understand. If you give $1,000 to a ballot initiative to defend traditional marriage, that’s controversial. If you give $1.25 billion to promote abortion, journalists, who are wildly pro-abortion, don’t dare see any controversy.

But now the information is out there. Watch as the supposedly “neutral” news media does its best to hide it.
 I don't have, want, or need Buffett's money. (ok, so I could use a few dollars from time to time) But I have something he may be covetous of one day: on my death bed I won't have to look back on my accomplishments and see the ghosts of 2.7 million babies staring back at me. 


Gino said...

this is stunning.

lumberjack said...

It's nothing you could ever prove, but I've long thought there were still eugenicists at the top of the abortion industry ladder. You can't look into their hearts so you can't know their real motivations to a certainty.

Down in the trenches you've got the our-bodies our-selves angry young liberals. But up top, the generals may be motivated by a distaste for what they consider lower classes, and inferior races.

$ 1.2 billion for abortion seems like an obsession to me. It doesn't seem like grandpa helping a girl out of a jam. It seems like an old fool, trying to improve the breeding stock.