Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good News

It was good to get away from the TV and do some savage work today. Not that the work was in and of itself savage, just my approach to it. I've pretty much decided that any job can be made easier with a nice assortment of hammers.

So I just did a quick scan of the news and I see that some man in Britain got badly hurt trying to launch fireworks from his bottom. OK... And it seems Nancy Pelosi is breaking up with Kevin Federline, or someone. And in Virginia Allen did concede as expected.

Hey, it could be worse. The Briton will most likely heal, and bonus, I'll bet he doesn't ever try that again. Kevin Federline will find someone new. And best of all- the democrats won't be screaming 24 hours a day for the next two years about how Diebold stole the election from them. They also have in front of them an example of how to lose a closely fought election. (though I'm not going to kid myself that they will remember it the next time they lose)

And if you must feel despondent, I suppose you could dwell on how Bush's job in Iraq is going to be harder now, but that's all it's going to be: harder. If George W Bush is the man he seems to be, he will not let the worst possible ending in Iraq happen. No matter how hard this job becomes, I think he gets it. The very worst ending here would be if the Jihadists chased us from Iraq. That would make many, many, many, more terrorists. That's the part of the leaked intelligence assessment that didn't get leaked. But it's the crucial part. That's what the President gets, and I think he'll fight with all he's got to keep us from that worst of all possible outcomes.


PGP said...

Hate to be a pessimist but your Democrats are completely capable of pulling another Vietnam and screwing over everyone who is relying on the US to stick to their commitments.
Watch the MSM ramp up the anti-war chant and drum banging mobs out in the street now that they can say the election results "Prove" they were right all along.....Your Libcomsimps are ready to party now!

talnik said...

Yes, and everyone with a blue-stained finger will probably be beheaded.

But we at home will be distracted by Pelosi shooting Kevin Federline out of her butt at George Allen.

lumberjack said...

I'm not saying Cut and Run can't happen, I just don't think it will. At least I expect W do do everything in his power to see that it doesn't. And if the D's try to defund the effort, I expect our Prez to let the Federal Gov. shut down rather than give in. When Clinton did that, you'll remember, the R congress got the blame. This time it will all be W's fault but it's more than worth it. Not getting chased out of Iraq is vital.

As for "Pelosi shooting Kevin Federline out of her butt at George Allen" being a distraction.... I agree. It distracts me every time she does it.