Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Talk Gets Tougher

Has anyone noticed a shift in tone from even a year ago? From Fjordman:

All Muslim non-citizens in the West should be removed. We should also change our laws to ensure that Muslim citizens who advocate sharia, preach Jihad, the inequality of “infidels” etc should have their citizenship revoked and be deported back to their country of origin....

....Is that racism and Fascism you say? Muslims themselves in poll after poll state that their loyalty lies with the Islamic Umma, not with the country they live in. “I’m a Muslim living in Britain, I’m not British” is the sentiment. Well, if Muslims themselves state that their citizenship is not worth the paper it is printed upon, why not take their word for it?
That first para would have shocked even me a few years back. Back then I would have liked to think that across the board religious freedom and tolerance might work. See, you respect our religion and we'll respect yours, and well, everyone will just get along. Except for the Muslims.

I don't know, it still grates to contemplate deportation as a tool to stop Europe's slow drain-circling. It shouldn't have to come to that. But we'll see. Read the whole thing.


PGP said...

This is what the leftards like to call Islamophobia!

I think that if you cannot defend your nation, homeland, community from destructive forces you are doomed.

I choose to resist as is my right to do.
As for that closing comment about the "slow" circling.... It's not that slow...the sheer mass of movement just deceives the casual observer.

Take steps to preserve your heritage or loose it. Those are the choices.

hank said...


Golly, what is it with you and others lke you, PGP? Is it just too complicated for you to understand that others have differing opinions without getting overexcited and saying one of these 'bon mots'?

Some people even choose for themselves, without having to go along with 'left' or 'right'.
They tell me that it's useful to have right wingers, or conservatives(who want to conserve the way it is now) and left wing progressives(who want to tear down all the old stuff they think we don't need), so that your society don't stagnate or fall apart.

I know! It blows my mind as well!
They must be able to read without talking out loud and everything!

lumberjack said...

Some comments have been edited so as to eliminate language you wouldn't want your mother to read. OK, that I wouldn't want your mother to read.

lumberjack said...

that I wouldn't want your mother to read.....

(assuming she ever puts down the crack-pipe long enough to read the internet)