Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stupid Girl

I think I stole this one from Zombie, sorry, it sat on the desktop so long (probably a day) that I forgot where I got it. But talk about foolish child, not twelve inches from her super-serious face is CCCP. Hello? Hon, CCCP is the best argument ever against your socialist pipe dream. The Soviet Union was a failure. Not because of the people, not because of resources, because of the system. It just doesn't work, kid.

Anyway, writing this I realize it's meaningless. This is a kid, really. She'll get better. Even in San Francisco, with time, she'll grow up. And, worst case scenario: she ends up an old kook. Not so bad. But just writing out "Stupid Girl" I realized who I really wanted to comment on: Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who wrote, in her suicide note, "Also, you must comprehend that there was no other way out, i.e., 'exit strategy,' other than the one I have chosen here,"

Deborah, Deborah, Deborah. There were in fact thousands of paths open to you. And only one of them went off the cliff. Which one, duh, you chose. Man, what is wrong with people that they are so afraid of adversity that they'd rather end their lives than to see what might happen next? Fact is, Deborah was so afraid of the prospect of living without prosperity that won't ever know what the rest of her life might have been.