Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Officer, May I Recomend You Use the Taser?

Farmers angered by collapsing milk prices demonstrated in
Brussels on Monday, pelting police with bottles and chickens
and spraying officers with milk directly from a cow's udders.

What I want to see is the officers being pelted with chickens. Just how does one with a chicken pelt? Also:
They drove hundreds of tractors to the centre of Brussels and covered the streets in milk and manure.

The jittery cow, frightened by firecrackers, sprang loose and chased an office worker down the street.

Chased an office worker? I suspect the cow was just running away and the office worker assumed he was being chased. After all, nature has given the cow few offensive weapons.

So, anyway this gives me an opening to tell about learning to milk a cow. I did it on a friends farm, well, and on his cow too. Thing about it is, a twenty year old can't milk a cow without giving his instructor at least one squirt in the face. Course, then there's the retaliation, and the reretaliation, and the rereretaliation. Long story short, it's all fun and games until somebody puts an eye out.

Really, the worst of it is having to go around smelling of sour milk the rest of the day.