Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Do We Mop?

"Let me rephrase that: Grab a mop and mop where I tell you to.
There's nothing over there that needs cleaning. Nothing at all."

It's cute the way he says that it's someone else's mess. As if the health care industry ran amok under Bush's watch, and isn't an evolving entity that has been steadily growing since the 1940's. If it's all W's fault, why was Hillary pushing reform before Bush was ever elected?

But cuter still is his mop metaphor. The GOP has mops Mr President, but you want nothing to do with them. You want only Democrat mops writing this bill and it's disingenuous to claim Republican "someones" are mop-shy.

***Update: What, not ridiculed the concept enough, you say? OK: