Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cat Fight!

Great photos from PetsFoto, ripped off in toto so I'm linking to their home page. Looks like a good source for Cute when you've been having a bad day. Speaking of that, here's two things to run together in the background when surfing around: rain and piano plinking. (via redit) But be warned: you could end up relaxed to the point of drooling and/or involuntary urination.

Sorry for the light posting. We've been graduating high school. Not me, of course. I say "we're graduating" like those guys who say "we're pregnant" when it's not them who have the backache and have to pee every twenty minutes.

But the Lumber Camp has a new graduate and I couldn't be prouder. She's in the top 10 in her class, and has honors and kudos just dropping off her every time she turns her head. She got many generous gifts and support and such like, to the point of me getting jealous and trying to draw attention back to myself.