Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caution: Romantic Music

Turns out that if you're an average man, playing this music will improve your chances of getting the phone number of the young woman listening to it. (from 28% to 52%)


Women were more prepared to give their number to an 'average' young man after listening to romantic background music, according to research that appears today in the journal Psychology of Music, published by SAGE.

So French scientists have finally caught up with American teenage boys. Well, we never had lab coats and clipboards, so we didn't do the math; but just about all American boys know that you play Barry White for romance, and the Beach Boys to make them drive faster. Also, play Barry White out of one speaker and the Beach Boys out of the other if you want them to drive fast and leave with the policeman who pulls you over. Experience shows that there is no music that can reliably induce them into cleaning your chainsaw. (though polkas work to get them into the kitchen, provided you're playing the polka in the living room)