Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chicago Way

Skimming coverage of the Blago trial, one thing jumped out at me:

Harris also testified that Emanuel told him that no one else in the Obama camp was authorized to talk about the Senate seat. That seemed to be an indication that previous messages from a union official that Jackson Jr. was not one of Obama's preferred candidates were unauthorized.

Then I saw it again in another article:
Harris said Blagojevich came away believing Obama knew what he wanted after having a conversation with a local union representative, who in turn spoke with labor leader Tom Balanoff, with whom Blagojevich met to discuss a Jarrett appointment. Jarrett, now a White House adviser, was seeking the appointment to Obama's Senate seat.

So which branch of the government are union officials in? Is that legislative? Judicial? Executive? When did they get the clout to have any influence at all in the appointment of replacement senators?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that Emanuel asserted his authority to make deals for the Obama camp. But I have to wonder what the relationship is that allows union officials to presume to speak for Obama.

Sheesh, he's proved that he can handle the corruption himself.