Thursday, June 03, 2010


Remember during the campaign, when Barack Obama promised an open dialog with our enemies? (implying that they wouldn't be so much enemies if we would only talk to them) Well, now the Obamanator is risking the support of his base by daring to talk to the real enemy:

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's planned meeting Thursday with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer faces a protest from opponents of Arizona's new immigration law.

Opponents say the law, which Brewer signed, is discriminatory and say Obama isn't doing enough on immigration reform.

Brewer is to meet Obama at the White House, and opponents said they will hold a demonstration there to denounce the Republican governor, "the discriminatory Arizona law she signed" and "President Obama's halfhearted leadership on immigration reform."

Never mind that the administration has been condemning the law without having read it. At the very least, the governor can enlighten the president about what the law does and does not say. And maybe he'll have advice for her concerning what she can do about Phoenix, the kidnapping capital of America: