Monday, August 30, 2010

In the Navy

Great contrast in recruitment themes, USA vs. Japan, h/t: Reed the Viking:

The Lumberwife's side of the family was Navy, and I have trouble imagining any of them dancing. In fact, many of the female members have a significant problem with walking. I once toyed with the idea that somehow evolution selected them for the Navy, where the decks of rolling ships would match their missteps. The Lumber-in-law-women seem to have an uneasy truce with gravity; they get around for the most part, but skirmishes break out from time to time.

In fact during the college move this last Thursday, walking back to the car, I suddenly noticed that I was alone in the crosswalk. I turned to find the wife on her back on the asphalt, victim of a curb inconsiderately placed in her path by an uncaring road builder. "Woman, stop playing! I want to get to lunch." Sadly, along with the Rob Petrie gene most of the in-law gymnasts inherited an intolerance towards any humor connected to their antics.

I just hope my sturdy Scandinavian genes will give the Lumberkid the balance she needs to navigate this world. Just in case though, I began pointing out the utility of hand rails at an early age.

Anyway, back to the Navy: Aren't the Japanese amazing in everything they do? I agree.