Friday, August 20, 2010

What Does It Mean?

Here's a fun site; you send in your Asian character tattoo, and he tells you if you've been walking around with "egg noodle hummingbird" on your arm for the last 12 years:


I just stumbled across your blog and thought that you could assist me in verifying the meaning of my tattoo. I did them myself late one night a couple years back while apprenticing at a tattoo parlor.


J. S.

First of all, the top character is upside down. Bottom characters 阿呆 means "fool, idiot".

The tattoo is very fitting & means "bitter [or suffering] idiot".

It seems that quite a few of them are just gibberish, and some a mixture of Japanese and Chinese. Now I have to wonder if there aren't Asian language sites that make fun our feeble attempts, like Engrish does of theirs.