Monday, August 30, 2010

Rick Sanchez Har

From Newsbusters:

CNN's Rick Sanchez quickly apologized on his Rick's List program on Monday after inadvertently labeling Barack Obama the "cotton-picking president of the United States." Sanchez used the racially-tinged term in response to the President recently addressing the significant percentage of American population who believe he is Muslim or was born outside the U.S.

....Sanchez replied to Yellin full of frustration: "I'm just sitting here just shaking my head. He is the cotton-picking president of the United States!"

Oh Rick, lighten up. Anyone older than seven knows you weren't disparaging the president. And besides, it's only your side, the hair-trigger grievance seekers, that would analyze the sentence and go on for days about unconscious intent and such.

Me, I would be downright jubilant if the man had ever had any kind of real job.