Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're Back

The graph has nothing to do with the post, apart from matching my mood, which is mainly blue. Dropping the kid off at college was exactly like dropping her off for a sleepover, except times a million. I am excited for her though. Remember how cool it was to be in charge of every little detail of your own life for the first time? If she wanted, she could have french fries and waffles every meal. (and follow in her dad's footsteps)

So I'm going to miss her every day, but being excited for her kind of makes it OK. She's in a good place, and she's pretty much awesome, so there's that. We didn't even have awesome when I was her age. We had to make do with cool, and nobody I knew had that.

And by the way, American colleges and universities - if you kick the parents out as soon as the kid's stuff is moved in, just who is going to help them set up their new computers?

This is Mr Beasley, sleeping on the last shirt the kid wore.

Course, I know there's probably more computer savvy on her floor of the dorm than we've got in the whole forest. So maybe that's not my best argument for being allowed to stay.

But from preschool on they encouraged parental involvement. So imagine my bewilderment when nobody on the floor wanted my help in making a baking soda volcano or a solar cooker from a Pringles can.

Course I understand why we had to leave. Back in preschool I showed up every Wednesday for roller skating, and the kid and I had more fun than anyone. But it wasn't until I missed a few Wednesdays that she learned to skate without me holding her hand.

Lumberkid runs faster than light.

Same thing with reading: eventually I had to stop reading to her so that she could do it for herself.

River - green because it envies the awesomeness on the rocks.

So if I had one of those mood status dealios at the top of the blog it would be set to "happy/sad/excited/and still not entirely sure what a paradigm is"

Have fun, and learn stuff, Lumberkid. I've already got the car gassed up and ready to come pick you up for Thanksgiving.