Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Argyle Socks

Pull it all together.

The argyle socks always pull it all together.

Remember your first pair of argyle socks? I remember thinking, "this can't possibly not be gay," but then I put them on, kissed Rob Lowe (no, just kidding), and looked in the mirror. And I looked good, right? There was a spring in my step that non-argyle wearers couldn't possibly understand. And best part: all the nuance is gone from sock matching. No more holding socks under the lamp to determine if the shades are the same.

And say you find one argyle but can't find the other; just wear anything on your other foot. People will think it's a fashion statement and admire you for your courage.

There. Done. I was able to write two (short) paragraphs about argyle socks; thus distracting you from the fact that the whole point of this post was to make the president look silly.