Sunday, February 12, 2012

Denied Again

CPAC Red Carpet Bloggers Awards

1. Top Humor Blog – Iowahawk Blog

2. Best Writer on a Blog – Ace of Spades

3. Best News Blog: The Right Scoop

4. Best Blog Links: Instapundit

5. Best New Blog: Naked DC

6. Best anti-Jihad Blog: Atlas Shrugged

7. Best State-Level Blog: The Shark Tank

8. Most Influential Blog: Instapundit/Glenn Reynolds

9. Most Underrated Blog: Legal Insurrection

10. Tea Party Blogger of the Year: Gateway Pundit

11. Best Overall Blog: Hot Air

12. Blog Most Likely to Photoshop Obama Kissing Putin: Are We Lumberjacks

Award impecuniousness is not a problem when you have a relationship with Adobe.