Friday, February 03, 2012

Race to Rock Bottom

Obama's promises in Falls Church: 'We'll all refinance and save thousands, and the government will pick up the closing costs, but it won't cost anybody because we'll take extra fees from the banks.'

Well sure, the groundhog saw his shadow or something so now well have 9 more months of [impossible] promised goodies from President Obama. Never mind those last, unfulfilled, election promises. Remember how college would be cheaper? How "I won't have to worry about gas or paying my mortgage ever again."? The sea levels receding?

But what if you believed he really could deliver on some of them? What if your situation were such that an Obama reelection really would mean a few extra thousand in your pocket?

Would it be worth it? Wouldn't it just be an offer to ride shotgun in the car Obama's driving off a cliff?