Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Religious Liberty: ObamaCare’s First Casualty

I like reddit because because of the funny section, but I can't help but notice the ill-informed-reactionary-kid section from time to time. The other day I noticed a post titled:

Hey Rick Santorum: Removing access to contraceptives in order to discourage premarital sex is like taking away seat belts to encourage safer driving habits.

Which, ok, is stupid. But it was followed by 1,657 comments from kids who had no clue that the premise, Rick Santorum wants to remove access to contraceptives, was totally false. Let's hope we haven't really become this stupid, or we may end up with another 4 years of Obama.

This informative video from the Heritage Foundation is an effort to educate about the HHS mandate. The average AWL reader already knows this stuff, but pass it on to your clueless friends.

h/t: corner