Thursday, October 04, 2012

About That Debate

I believe what we saw last night was an example of the "Taranto Principle." If I understand it correctly, the theory (from the inimitable James Taranto) is that liberals, long accustomed to preferential treatment in the press, can't hold their own when confronted with higher elevations such as in Denver.

I just realized - we should be extra grateful that the President was out of his depth. Because if it had been close, or if Romney had just slightly won, the news media would be declaring it a huge Obama victory.

"Don't know how Romney can recover from this one Mika"

"Obama couldn't have been more masterful without riding up onto the stage on a unicorn."

The coverage would have gone on for days.


Anonymous said...

Bambi has the unmitigated gall to go around saying Romney lied in the debate about what his program is...And that the person he debated wasn't the same Romney that has been running against him up to now. If I were Romney, at the second debate, instead of shaking hands at the start, I'd spit on his shoes.

Obama has so little respect for the American people that he's saying, "Who you gonna b'lieve, Sucka, Me or your lyin eyes and ears?"

About 60 million folks saw the debate, so Bambi can only be playing this game with those who didn't see how it actually went down. No one who watched (except his brain-dead zombie hard-core Obamaphone ladies) could possibly believe him...and those folks are beyond help.

Romney made it Crystal Clear what his programs were in as much detail as you can expect considering that Congress has to actually write the details, ...that job doesn't belong to a president no matter how many executive orders he may write.

Lies and the lying liberal liars who tell them...


tomg51 said...

Obama rode in on a eunuchorn

Talnik said...

Nice one, tom; I'm stealing it!

Joe Whitaker said...

3 Weeks and the MSM will be saying Obama won and the debate was a disaster for Romney.

Anonymous said...

Tom...I agree....bloody brilliant...Eunuchorn...
Bloody brilliant!