Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disperse? Well Yeah

Sometimes I'll listen to Rush if I'm in the office after noon. Gotta go now but just wanted to comment: I just heard Rush talk about a C-130 gunship that may have been available for the attack in Benghazi, he said that the C-130's are great for crowd dispersal. I think the word should have been atomization, not dispersal.

Of course no military help, of any kind, was sent. Know what I think? I think Obama was too afraid to act. I think he freezes under pressure.

When it hits the fan, we need a commander in chief whose first thought isn't "what are the political implications of this decision?"


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but if an aircrew isn't scheduled to fly or on standby, then they are in no condition to fly.

Anonymous said...

The president freezes under pressure?! You mean, as he did during the Bin Laden raid?

Anonymous said...

wish I had known about the 2 drones & AC-130 on station before opening my big mouth in comment #1. maybe the potus' first thought was "what does valerie think the political implications are?"