Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

OK, after 9:00 everyone gets the sprinklers and water balloons.

Precious few Halloweeners this time. Now what will I do with all this candy? Hmm?

I like it better when I run out of candy early. Then I switch to fruit, then trail mix, then cans of diced tomatoes, and then cans of okra. I used to give out the okra first, just because I don't like the stuff and somehow cans keep showing up in my pantry. But I noticed I could never get rid of it all. I would clear the shelves, but the next day there'd be 4 or 5 cans sitting there. It's almost certainly the lumberwife, messing with my head.

Remember way back when? There used to be thousands of trick-or-treaters; they'd come down like candy loving locusts. Then you really would run out of stuff to give. We even went to pennies sometimes. That is low. When a kid is expecting candy, and you give him six or seven pennies, you may as well give him a kitchen knife as well so he can scratch your car on his way out.

I think we even gave out throw pillows one year, possibly even the TV remote.

Yeah, Halloween used to be great. Before Obama ruined everything.


Ten Mile Island said...

Tired of Bronco Bamma?

tomg51 said...

We had a stray saxophone player wandering the neighborhood. Surreal.

Kalashnikat said...

I put on my tophat and frock coat and played spooky music (minor key Irish jigs and reels) on a black concertina, but I stay on my own porch when I do that.

The pResident's name is not spelled "Brock O'Bahmma?"

Sure, and ye've nivver herd o' the Black Irish, is it?