Saturday, October 06, 2012

I Say Begin the Hunt!

This started out big enough to make a decent wallpaper.. not sure though, Blogger has been compressing and downsizing through Picassa. I'm not really happy with that.

Happy hunting everyone.



Anonymous said...

I think targeting Barney might be going a little too far. Do you have something against purple creatures?


lumberjack said...

OK, Barney can stay til the ice age. But then he goes.

Ten Mile Island said...


Stepped over the line, boss.

lumberjack said...

In my defense, I should note that I didn't find out that Barney was the Joe Biden stand-in for Ryan's debate prep until a day after the photoshopped "hunt down".

chris m said...

Fortunately we haven't been tortured with that HR Pufinstuff puppet all these years, but I'd love to see him get the knight's ax too.