Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cattle Carnage

h/t to the probably omniscient James Taranto:

28 cows die after prison dairy escape
DVI herd felled in ACE train, big rig collisions

TRACY - Officials at Tracy's Deuel Vocational Institution are trying to figure out how a herd of 59 cows escaped from the prison's dairy early Monday, causing 28 of the animals to be killed when they wandered into the paths of passing vehicles.

An Altamont Commuter Express train took out some of the cows, while a big-rig truck hit and killed others.
Can you imagine the carnage?

But What I can't understand is how they got the number up to 28. Later in the article they explain that the train took out "4 or 5", but that still leaves 23 or 24 cows. So how do you hit that many cows? Wouldn't traffic pretty much stop after the first half dozen were spread out across the highway? Do Californians all drive like Homer Simpson, honking their horn, then driving a serpentine through the abattoir at full speed?

These are the kind of events that make having a good imagination a curse.