Monday, August 27, 2007

Dishonesty at AFP

From AFP, puffery about a kindred antiwar photog who takes pictures of the wounded in order to advance her cause:

Berman said she was first spurred into taking the portraits out of frustration, sickened by the early media coverage of the war.

"I started working on it out of exasperation at not seeing any visual representation of the human cost of war. In the press you kept hearing reports or reading reports about wounded but never seeing any images," she told AFP.
OK, fair enough. She most likely hides her agenda from her subjects, but what the hell, it's no doubt for the greater good. Honesty is optional for the antiwar folk.

But not content to tell the story of this dishonest antiwar operative, they try to paint her as objective... forgetting apparently that they've already explained her motives:
Berman says that although she sees herself as a neutral observer, the photographs are almost inevitably anti-war.

"I think it's very hard to stomach the idea that war is acceptable when you see the damage to human beings," she said.
Come on. Why is it so hard for these people to be honest? You have an agenda, Berman; saying you're neutral is a lie.

My idea: do a series on the hardship of the forgotten protesters. Show the sadness that surrounds them. How many lonely hours of practice did this poor man invest in order to come up with this sad, sensitive, intelligent, innocent, and concerned pose?