Sunday, August 26, 2007


Robert Fisk talks crazy:

Robert Fisk: Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11

Each time I lecture abroad on the Middle East, there is always someone in the audience – just one – whom I call the "raver". Apologies here to all the men and women who come to my talks with bright and pertinent questions – often quite humbling ones for me as a journalist – and which show that they understand the Middle East tragedy a lot better than the journalists who report it. But the "raver" is real. He has turned up in corporeal form in Stockholm and in Oxford, in Sao Paulo and in Yerevan, in Cairo, in Los Angeles and, in female form, in Barcelona. No matter the country, there will always be a "raver".
Well yeah, I guess there would be a "raver" every place you go. Maybe bin Laden was kidding when he claimed responsibility for 9-11. And maybe Bush is having our guys smuggle oil out of Iraq in their canteens. And, just maybe, you're the raver.

Apologies for the overdone photoshop; it sat on the screen for two days and every time I went past I'd add something new. If it'd stayed any longer, the poor befuddled fool would have wound up with hood ornaments and no-pest strips hanging from his ears.