Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do As I Say,

Not as I do.
It is just sweet when they get caught:

LIHUE, Hawaii --
Bette Midler cut down more than 230 trees around one of her properties on the island of Kauai without a permit, and the state has recommended she be fined.

The staff of the Board of Land and Natural Resources recommended $6,500 in fines for having the trees felled and for building a graded road without permits required for the land zoned for conservation use.

The singer and actress will pay the fines and will follow a replanting program, her attorney Max W. J. Graham said.
She said that she cut them down because they were nonnative species... Well, and plus, they were in the middle of the road she wanted to build.

The reason it's so easy for the rich to demand change is because they expect their money to insulate them from any personal sacrifice. Sure, she needs a road, so she builds a road. And she has lawyers to negotiate the fines. She has PR people to plant stories about how it was always her intention to replant every tree that was cut down. Fact is, she'll still fly private jets, she'll still own more homes than she can live in, and know what? Nothing is wrong with that. What's wrong is to live like that, to belch carbon with every step, and then to demand that the average middle class joe change his way of life to accommodate her silly belief in an urban legend.