Wednesday, August 01, 2007

John Doe Gets Off?

Six imams removed from a U.S. Airways plane said they would not sue the passengers whose concerns led them to being kicked off a flight in November.
In federal court Tuesday, the attorney for the imams said, “We don’t contemplate naming any private passenger as a defendant.”

***Update: (or is it Undate?): h/t Talnik, according to LGF, this was a false report. Which, is both good and bad. Bad for any John Does who now have to get lawyers. But good in that the excesses of CAIR will be on display at a public trial. They were on a roll but they've gone too far. The testimony will show that the walking Imams were doing everything they could to provoke a response from the innocent passengers. The bonus will be if the defense can prove that they set this all up beforehand, with the lawsuit being the final goal.