Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Capitalism 101

I'm not an economist, but I am a capitalist. So sure, we need regulation, or else some guy in a factory would work our children to death spinning textiles. I get that. And I get why some companies need unions.

But in many ways capitalism is self correcting. And it used to be that when a union came in and sucked a company dry, and management let the union suck it dry, and stock holders let management let the union suck it dry, well, then it died. And the stock holders were out money, and workers were out of work, and the union was out of workers. And maybe someone learned something.

But now we have the government owning General Motors. And the UAW learned nothing from having made GM a corpse. They have their jobs, but how are they going to sell cars next year? Will the government mandate all the competition off the road? Will Cash for Clunkers be a yearly thing in order to prop up a car company whose (upper) management knows nothing about building and selling cars? Heck, the President has never built, sold, fixed, or finished anything in his life.

Whatever happens to government motors, I hope at least a few of the workers learned something from the rape of GM. The bent nose union thugs from New Jersey only care about increasing their share of the pie. Maybe it's best to stop the demands once you've got more than your share.