Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You Just Don't Play Hitler's Harmonica

Think there's a chance in hell that some MSM Woodward or Bernstein could have (would have) dug this up:

There are two Marc Garlascos on the Internet. One is a top human rights investigator who, having joined Human Rights Watch after several years with the Pentagon, has become known for his shrill attacks on Israel. The other is a Marc Garlasco who's obsessed with the color and pageantry of Nazism, has published a detailed 430 page book on Nazi war paraphernalia, and participates in forums for Nazi souvenir collectors.

I'll give away the punch line - they're the same guy. Sheesh.

Anyway, I just couldn't resist fiddling with the man's generic avatar. (above)

And is it just me or are the Nazi-reverential just about the weirdest creatures on the planet these days?

(post title taken from this)