Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Just Wondering

I was just reminded that Barack Obama has been President for almost eight months now, and it got me to thinking: as per his history, will he now start looking for his next job? It's obviously going to be hard seeing as how there's no 'up' from the presidency.

And while I'm wondering: I don't have the numbers, and of course people don't agree on all the numbers, but it's been said that we spend nearly twice as much as we should on health care. (us -- approximately 16% of GDP, The rest of the world maybe approx 8%) OK fine. But of that 16% of GDP, 45% to 52% (again, estimates vary) is government spending, and the rest private. So if the government is already spending 7% to 8% of GDP on health care, and 8% of GDP is what the rest of the world spends to cover their entire population, shouldn't the government already have the problem fixed?

(and here, I'm admitting I could be wrong, could that 45% to 52% include some things other than what we'd think of as health care? dunno) Still, shenanigans, you know?