Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Watch that Screendoor, Van

I think I've written about getting burned out on 9-11 coverage in the days after the event. Somewhere around 9-12, or 9-13 I started punching the classical music buttons on the FM radio. What a surprise to find then, that the NPR types were already snobbing around the microphones, applying their uber-evolved brain power to determine just which US policy was most to blame for this murder by airliner. I seriously had to shake my head, as if maybe a neuron wasn't quite in its slot and the broadcast would make sense if only I could get it to reconnect.

So, OK. Right or wrong, I was flabbergasted that anyone could even contemplate blaming the victims so soon after the tragedy. Little did I know, Van Jones had already come to his conclusions:

On September 13, 2001, Jones said: "The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City. The US cannot bomb its way out of this one. Safety at home requires justice abroad."

That's what Jones had to say while the ruins still smoldered and bodies had yet to be removed from the rubble.

What a class act. Thank-you YouTube.

(I'll note too, that the US didn't roll into Iraq until 2003. The bombing that Jones refers to was the occasional smoking of SAM sites that would light-up our fighters enforcing the no-fly zone.)