Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Via Newsbusters, Dan Rather voices his concerns:

“The difficulty with some of the things on the internet...is transparency and accountability about who’s responsible for what’s on.”

TVNewser.com columnist Gail Shister sparked the discussion by asking Rather: “Are you concerned at all that there is the absence of quality control when it comes to so much of the modern platforms?” Rather went on to fret: “...you can put something on the internet that’s really terrible about your neighbor or about a friend or a competitor and it’s almost impossible to find out who the source is. And you can say anything about them. That part of it troubles me.”

The article doesn't go into how much Rather had to drink before the interview. Presumably he was sober enough to stay upright so long as he remained seated.

And I won't speculate on the cause of Rather's slurred speech -- whether it was caused by the booze, or "the shrooms Anderson Cooper hooked me up with". Obviously the guy likes to party.