Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lies Lies Lies

From the Herald Sun blog, re: Copenhagen:

Nothing is real in Copenhagen - not the temperature record, not the predictions, not the agenda, not the “solution”. In fact, here’s how fake it all is:
The lead negotiator for the small island nation of Tuvalu, the bow-tie wearing Ian Fry, broke down as he begged delegates to take tough action.

“I woke up this morning crying,” and that’s not easy for a grown man to admit,” Mr Fry said on Saturday, as his eyes welled with tears.

”The fate of my country rests in your hands,” he concluded, as the audience exploded with wild applause.

So moving. But let’s now learn more from Samantha Maiden about this former Greenpeace official from “Tuvalu”:
But the part-time PhD scholar at the Australian National University actually resides in Queanbeyan, NSW, where he’s not likely to be troubled by rising sea levels because the closest beach at Batemans Bay is a two-hour, 144km drive away. Asked whether he had ever lived in Tuvalu, his wife told The Australian last night she would “rather not comment”....

Still, it’s a long way from the endangered atolls of Tuvalu, with his neighbour Michelle Ormay confirming he’s lived in Queanbeyan for more than a decade, while he has worked his way up to being “very high up in climate change”.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Oh, I want to be very high up in whatever internet hoax is big at the time.

I doubt there will ever be this much energy invested in an unproven theory ever again. And the unprovenness of it keeps coming to the front - Watts Up With That has an article about the Russian IEA contending that CRU cherrypicked data from only the warmest stations.
They specifically state that lack of measurement is not the cause. If they claim the full set of Russian data does NOT support global warming, imagine how different the bright red dot over Russia would look. Again the accusation is completely believable, yet is completely unverifiable because CRU has refused to release the data. This data and code release is the subject of illegal blocking of FOIA’s is one of the keys in the Climategate emials. We need to know the list of stations used and we must have copies of the raw data.

So where to go from here? I recommend glasnost. Shine a light on the data and the calculations. If it's not a fraud, there will still be time to wreck the world economy. I'm betting otherwise though. I'm betting glasnost will do for global warming what it did for the Soviet Union.