Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And We Have a Winner

DECEMBER 30--Meet Marguerite Engle. The South Dakota woman recorded a mind-boggling .708 blood alcohol content after being arrested earlier this month when a state trooper found her passed out behind the wheel of a stolen truck. But while Engle, 45, was nearly nine times over the state's .08 legal limit, she fell just short of the U.S intoxication record. That mark was set last year by an Oregon woman--also found comatose behind the wheel--who registered a .72 BAC. Engle's whopping BAC was measured by a Rapid City Police Department chemist who tested a blood sample drawn from Engle.
Well, darned shame about missing the record, but hey, 'drunkest woman all year' is also an accomplishment. And she's not even a US Congressperson.