Friday, December 18, 2009

Franken Still Funny, but Not Funny Ha-Ha

Al Franken's latest stunt of cutting off Senator Lieberman reminded me of the Cartman Hall-Monitor episode of South Park. The moral being: don't give authority to the small minded unless you're looking for amusement from their pettiness.

Anyone who has ever watched C-span has seen senators ask for a moment more to finish their remarks. Then the they are granted the extra time... and it's rote, it's part of the hum of the Senate in action, always the same -- until they gave "authoritah" to the barely-senator from Minnesota. So he says no, no you can't have a moment more. Why?

Course, this accomplished nothing. I'm sure Franken thought he was making a statement. Well, and he was. He was saying, "I don't like you Senator Lieberman." But really he said so much more about himself. Like when he tackled a heckler, way back when, the event was about him, "I was a wrestler so I used a wrestling move....I got down low and took his legs out." It was all about Al.

Franken doesn't run deep enough to realize that it's wrong to physically attack someone for using words. (unless a conservative tried the same stunt) Likewise, it will never dawn on him that he's the only Senator in that whole big room that doesn't have class enough to let the opposition speak.