Saturday, October 09, 2010

Get Your Tea Party Membership Card Here

A NYT reporter travels with an incumbent D through Levittown:

The reception he got was eye-opening. The people Mr. Murphy encountered were angry, and none of them, as far as I could tell, were associated with the Tea Party movement. The very first voter he talked to that evening was a man in his mid-70s who said he had paid more than he expected for a recent hospital stay because of the health insurance reforms passed by Congress. Mr. Murphy told him he did not think that could possibly be the case and urged him to visit his district office so his staff could review the medical bills.

Meanwhile, Bill Maher praises Osama bin Laden and derides "tea-baggers".

I searched for 'Tea Party membership card' images and guess what? Nothing came up. As far as I can tell, there is no national membership list; there are no dues to be paid. And that's where the D's and liberal d-bags have got it wrong. There are probably many people who would be card carrying tea-partiers if there was a card to carry. But most people don't get that involved; though they identify with ideas expressed by the Tea Parties.

So they call opposition to Obamacare racism. Do they think I don't know what's in my head and my heart? And do they think that calling me homophobic, or Islamophobic, might work when calling me a racist did not?

Can the Ds really argue that opposition to the government owning car companies is racist? Really? Non-racists all support the government taking over the healthcare and student loan industry?

See it would work if there were designated leaders to attack. Then, if you could convince me (you can't) that Sarah Palin is a racist, I might distance myself from her. But, like the majority, I identify with Tea Party ideas, not with party leaders. Good luck convincing me that my motivation is homophobia or racism.

(Since I couldn't find a Tea Party membership card, I made the one above. Feel free to use it; but be aware that as one of the few card carrying members, you may come under attack by Anderson Cooper. Why, that's reason enough to join right there)
oh, so here's a blank one: