Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet the Tired Old Press

David Gregory, obviously unaware that no black people, white people, or people with skin on the outside watch Meet the Press anymore, asked:

And obviously he also doesn't read Lumberjacks or he would know how silly it is to continue with this white-supremacist malarkey. David, I have direct access to my brain, you don't. If my motivation was racist, I wouldn't care what you say - if my motivation is liberty, smaller government, and fewer industries under government control, well then I really wouldn't care what you say.

Who's your audience for this sad fiction? Are you looking to convert the 6 people in the country who haven't heard what the tea party is about yet? Sure, a few liberal groups are in on the tea-party/racist band wagon but what does that mean? It's like taking a poll of the Pelosi household - it means nothing.

The only people buying this are liberal Democrats anyway; you're not gaining political ground with them. Meanwhile time is running out on your chance to explain why we should have more of what we've been given for these past two years. Explain why more stimulus, cap and trade, and government involvement in industry would be a good thing.

If it makes it go down easier for you, I won't mind if you preface your arguments with, "You're all a bunch of racists, but we need more stimulus because..."

video h/t: Newsbusters