Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rick Sanchez Goes Bungee Jumping

Rick 'how much is 9 meters in english' Sanchez seems to have gotten himself fired from CNN. Via Newsbusters' Matthew Balan:

CNN's Rick Sanchez lashed out at multiple groups left and right during an interview on satellite radio with comedian Pete Dominick. During the interview, Sanchez slammed Jon Stewart, who has regularly made fun of the anchor, as a "bigot," and stated that the media is run by Jews. But the anchor also went into detail about his hatred of Fox News and falsely claimed that he doesn't smear people himself.

I listened to the Sanchez interview and what struck me was his self-identification as a Latino. Look at him, listen to him, and all I get is American. Or more precisely: snotty liberal American. Why he wants the questionable luxury of being a victim is beyond me. I mean sure, you get to slough off all your failures as a consequence of your oppression. But what you miss when you do that is the chance to learn from your failures. Nine meters in English was a faux pas, and a darn good one. How could Jon Stewart not make fun of it?

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Now Sanchez is off brooding, thinking that in some dimly lit room the Jewish overlords voted on this faux pas and decided to ruin his life. So yet again he'll fail to learn from his mistakes. Sad guy.